Become part of LiFEC’s future.

LiFEC has many goals for improving the lives of elderly, handicapped, disabled and low-income individuals and their families in New York. Our immediate goal is creating efficient ways to meet the needs of both donors and recipients of goods at The Trading Post through a Wish List program. This is a growing list of shoppers and the item(s) they are searching for. Items from The Trading Post are grouped into collections and if there is a match, we will notify the shopper that the item is available. Right now the Wish List is kept on paper but our goal is to have an online version for people to view and contribute to.


Our long term goal is to purchase housing for elderly, handicapped, disabled and low income individuals and families who want to remain in their homes but are unable to care for themselves or pay for home care. With many seniors living alone, they will find companionship in a safe, caring and supportive environment. Families will have a chance to rebuild their lives. Handicapped and disabled residents will receive compassion and assistance from experienced caregivers.

Our goals are big but with your help they will become a reality. Please donate and help us reach our goals. All donations are tax-deductible.